K. Francis Ryan

the Assistant - A Romantic Suspense Novel


     The Assistant is currently awaiting publication.

     Elizabeth Forbes is the definition of high powered. She is also the definition of impossible to work for. She goes through executive assistants like other people go through dryer sheets.

     Thomas Prescott is intelligent, talented, always composed and impossible to dislike. He has been assigned to Elizabeth as an executive assistant.  There are only two differences between Thomas and the long succession of assistants Elizabeth has run off. He can’t be fired and he is able to remain unruffled in the face of her tantrums and demands.

     Opposites attract and soon they can’t deny their immediate, emotional and risky attraction or ignore the steamy chemistry that develops between them.

     Playing business hardball is a dangerous game. When tech entrepreneur Edward Scripts and his up-and-coming firm is rejected by Elizabeth for a stock offering, he takes his brutal revenge.

     Elizabeth and Thomas must unite to expose the naked greed and corruption of a madman and his Russian backers intent on derailing the democratic process.

Everything will pivot on The Assistant.

The Hostile Takeover - A Contemporary Romance


     The Hostile Takeover is currently in outline form.

     Samantha Ford is a superstar corporate attorney for the international Harrison’s Department Store chain. She has attracted the attention of Jeffery Harrison, the Harrison family’s playboy second son.

     Jeffery is convinced Samantha is his soulmate. It is a wholehearted belief the often-married Jeffery has convinced himself of many times before.

     This romantic relationship is different and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Harrison’s is depending on Samantha to frustrate the greedy intentions of Edward O’Leary who has his sights set on the highly profitable Harrison’s Department Stores.

     When Samantha and Jeffery’s relationship goes sour, it is up to Trevor Harrison to bail out his younger brother. It is the role the solid, serious and occasionally stodgy Trevor has always played. However, Trevor vows this time will be different. He swears this is the last time.

Thrown together to frustrate O’Leary’s plans, Samantha and Trevor find they are positively incompatible as business associates. Still, neither can resist the steamy temptation that simmers just below the surface.

They must manage their passions, however, while they come together to get out of the crosshairs and fight off The Hostile Takeover.